Tunis Dialogues

September 2019


During the Marrakesh session in December 2018, CLUSTER, Non-fiction and The City Agency (Cape Town, South-Africa), decided to collaborate on bringing a new network of African GUPs which met in Marrakesh together with a newly forming network of local GUPs in Tunis. The three lead partners worked with Bluefish, a Tunis-based GUP led by Leila Ben Gacem focusing on heritage preservation and community development. Leila Ben Gacem hosted the dialogues in her wonderfully restored historical home in central Tunis, and were attended by a wide range of representatives from Tunisian as well as Moroccan, Egyptian, South-African and Dutch GUPs. The outcomes of the dialogues resulted in a ‘zine’, which was later presented at the African Crossroads conference in Mombasa in November 2019.